Scout Boot Care Distressed Leather Conditioner



  • 8 oz. Bottle Distressed Leather Cleaner
  • Helps Remove Dirt, Water and Deep Scratches
  • Conditions and Softens
  • Restores Original Distressed Texture
  • Ideal for Colorfast Leather and Suede Fabrics
  • Made in the USA

Scout Distressed Leather Conditioner, by M&F Western Products, is specially formulated to remove deep scratches and water stains, as well as condition and soften, distressed and roughed out leather boots and shoes adding longer life to your product and keeping them looking like the day you bought them. Proudly made in the USA. 

Application Instructions: Read manufacturer's warnings before use. Follow the care instructions as directed on the label, when in doubt, do a small test patch before treating the entire item. Protect items around your work space prior to use.