Our Legacy

"Quality in every step"

More than forty years ago an entrepreneurial young man decided to bring his expertise in the luxury shoe market to the Western world, with the vision of creating the finest cowboy boots.

And so in 1979 Misael Conde Sr. founded Gavel, and Our Legacy of “quality and excellence” began.


The first Gavel store was born in Matamoros in 1980, following our mission to always offer the best product and the best service.

With the continued success we expanded to Reynosa, where in 1990 the second Gavel store opened its doors.


Always grounded on our founder's motto, “Quality in Every Step”, Gavel's growth has steadily continued, attracting high-profile customers such as former Mexican President Vicente Fox.

One Factory, family-owned.

Our factory is located in Leon, Mexico, famous for its centenarian shoe-making expertise, and where each pair of Gavel boots is meticulously crafted with care and precision by our skilled artisans.

Not relying on third-party shops or "maquilas" allows us to fully control the entire manufacturing process, from manually selecting the finest hides and skins, to carefully doing all the cutting, tooling, stitching and burnishing entirely by hand. Only in this way can we create the exceptional products that our customers expect.

The Legacy Continues

Today our headquarters and distribution center are located in Brownsville, TX, with our newest branch in McAllen, TX.

We are grateful for the trust and loyalty that our customers have placed upon us, as we look forward to expanding our brand and reaching new heights, and are certain that Gavel's best years are ahead.